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"Taking an art class from Anouk is very informative and rewarding because of the following:

---she does a demo before we do the lesson while we observe and learn.

---small class size provides for individualized help.

---the group critique of my work is very beneficial.

---class atmosphere is low key and relaxing."


- Rose Breed, Art student



"Anouk's intermediate to advanced class is very helpful for students of 2-30 years experience. 

The classes are well designed and demonstrated and all members are encouraged to participate.

In this way students have the opportunity to learn not just from the teacher but from each other.

The teacher selects the subject for each course of classes based on the input

from her students as well as her own ideas. This works very well."


 -Joan Hubbard



"What has made Anouk's class for me is her openness to try new things. She has successfully inspired me to expand my thinking and push my limits. We do a lot of talking about and she brings examples of style and texture. I also enjoy the fact that there are several accomplished painters in the class which increases my opportunity to learn new things and look at what is possible in new ways."


-Gaby Litsky



"For me, Anouk Johanna opens a whole new world of painting possibilities in a supportive, warm environment. Growth in skills and confidence is achieved in a matter of weeks."


-Gillian Greensite



"Anouk ultra creative and intuitive, with such good tips about one's work. "


-Cindy Haug



"The thing that makes Anouk unique among teachers, I think, is her willingness to 'bravely go', her spirit of artistic adventure, showing us how to learn from our 'dogs'...that's really important. to me to try and 'see differently'.....and to do preliminary sketches and working out a concept rather than slap

some paint on the paper and see where it goes... "


-Diane Reymer





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