Teaching Philosophy


Much of my teaching philosophy is based on what students have taught me:


That the creative process is an intuitive and very personal process to be encouraged

and also carefully respected and protected.

That creating Art takes you to a whole different realm where age is not important.

That, in fact, Art often becomes a bridge between generations.

That every piece of Art has value, even our 'reject' Art, which we have learnt from,

since this is an important step without which we cannot evolve as artists.

That good artwork almost always reflects who we really are...


- Water Color : Wet and Dry

- Portraits and Figures in an Environment

- Water Color Journaling

- Mixed Media Art Cards

- Water Color Collage






 A monotype is a one-of-a-kind  image that has been printed from a plate that has a completely smooth surface

and has no repeatability to it other than a ghost print (if there is enough paint left on the plate).

Monotypes always have a chance factor which makes this process exciting and often adds an element of mystery...

It is this transformative aspect that unleashes an unusual high level of spontaneous creativity.

The most common response when we pull the print is "Wow!"...it's usually a total surprise, nothing like what we thought  and usually even better than we imagined it would be.


Watercolor Monotype is especially attractive for painters since the print could either be the end product but

more often the beginning of a painting or a mixed media art piece.

Since the painted plates are printed on hot press watercolor paper, the print can be continued as a watercolor painting. The printing is done by hand which has advantages printing with a press does not have.