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"Valentine" 16x20 in. Watercolor
Commission $700

"Rowen" 5x7 in. Watercolor
Commission $250

"Cathy" 16x20 in. Watercolor
Commission $700

These portraits show samples of different techniques, approaches and media: some are paintings, some are drawings graphite pencil, pen and ink, and ink painting.

None of the portraits shown are for sale but the prices give the prospective commissioner an idea of how the pricing is done for various types of portraits, depending on size, black & white, sepia, or multi-colored and the medium used: watercolor, graphite pencil,  pen and ink, ink painting, etc.


"Anika" 22x40 in. Black ink

 Private Collection $600

"Tibetan Monk" 16x20 in. Watercolor
Private collection $700

"Avia" 8"x10" Watercolor on canvas
Commission $500

"Aggy" 8"x10" Graphite pencil
Private collection, value $250

"Foxhunter Dan" 22x30 in. Watercolor Commission $2000

"Jade" 5"x7" Pen & Ink
Private collection, value $150


"Jade" 11"x14" Private collection
Value $700

Terrier mix dog.11"x14" Watercolor
Commission $500

Commission Work

For portrait commissions please supply one or more detailed photos. Images with light and dark contrast usually result in more interesting portraits.

Pricing can be discussed as well as artistic interpretations, backgrounds, portraits in an environment, the color of clothing, etc. A deposit of one-third of the agreed price is required before the commission is started.

Below are samples of photographs and the finished paintings.

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