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Ink painting, "Pacific Beach"
Ink painting, "Pillows"
Ink painting, "Fall Approaching"
Ink painting, "Valentine"
Ink painting, "Sudden Sunlight"
Ink painting, "Pompeii"
Ink painting, "Surfers at Dawn"
Ink painting, "Santa Cruz Sunset"
Ink painting, "Cloud Symphony 1"

Ink Painting

These paintings are created with Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens, water-soluble and permanent inks applied with brushes and quill pens, combining drawing and painting.

Ink Painting brings me back to my love for drawing which often becomes a starting point for my Ink Paintings.

Water-soluble inks offer a perfect transition between drawing and painting. A "wash" can be pulled out of a line drawn with water-soluble ink by going over it with a brush loaded with water and gives a beautiful soft, yet vividly colorful effect.

High quality Giclee reproductions available.

Click on images to view in larger size.

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