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Monotype "Searching"
Monotype "His Holiness"
Monotype, "Like Mindedness"
Monotype, "The Bed"
Monotype, "Imaginary Landscape 1"
Monotype, "Pablo Neruda"
Monotype "Tumbling Shapes"
Monotype "Yellow Submarine"
Monotype, "Suspense"
Monotype, "Ian 1"
Monotype,  "Ian 2"


Of monotype Anouk says:

"It was love at first sight because you can incorporate so many other media with it, experiment, discover and continuously develop new and unique techniques. When you pull a monotype print from the press it is always a surprise, like something unexpected happened in the process. This transformative aspect unleashes an unusually high level of spontaneous creativity and keeps showing new directions to take with your artwork. It is also a relatively fast process in comparison to pure painting which often results in many prints in one day's work. 
The most common response when a print is pulled is "Wow!".'s usually a total surprise, nothing like what we thought and usually even better than we imagined it would be."
What is a monotype?

A monotype is a one-of-kind created image printed from a plate that has a completely smooth surface and has no repeatability to it other than a so-called "ghost" image which can be the second, third or higher edition printed from the same plate as long as there is enough ink or paint left on the plate.

A monoprint is also a one-of-kind print from a plate but has a matrix in it, like a stencil, an engraving, a collagraphic element, etc., which can be repeated in the next print.

A monoprint can also be an etching plate, dry point plate, woodcut, linocut or collagraph which has been inked differently to obtain a new look. Rembrandt already did this with his etchings. 


High quality Giclee reproductions available.

Click on images to view in larger size.

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