Monotype "Searching"
Monotype "His Holiness"
Monotype, "Like Mindedness"
Monotype "Joyous Moment"
Monotype, "The Bed"
Monotype "Falling"
Monotype "Tumbling Shapes"
Monotype "Yellow Submarine"

Of monotype Anouk says:


“It was love at first sight because you can incorporate so many other media with it, experiment, discover and develop new and unique techniques continuously. When you pull a monotype print from the press it often looks like something else intervened in the process. I think it is this transform-ative aspect that I like so much about monotype.


It continuously shows you new directions to take with

your artwork, has a lot of spontaneity and it is a relatively fast process in comparison to pure painting.”


What is a monotype?


A monotype is a one-of-a-kind image that has been printed from a plate that has a completely smooth surface and has no repeatability to it other than a ghost. A monoprint is also a one-of-a-kind print from a plate but has a matrix on it like a stencil, an engraving, a collographic element etc. which can be repeated in the next print. It can also be an etching plate, woodcut, collograph etc. that has been inked in differently to obtain a new look.